Aser Santos Jr. is a Steadicam operator and camera assistant based in Los Angeles. He has worked on various sets including feature films, short films, commercials, music videos and more, filling the roles of camera operator, first assistant camera, second assistant camera, and cinematographer.

Aser is not only in the business of production as crew, but also is involved in the high-end cinema rental business. He assisted in the creation of West LA rental house, Bokeh Rentals, which hosts professional cinema equipment such as Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Amira, RED Gemini, RED Scarlet-W, Cooke Lenses, and much more.


Currently updating with operating credits.

Feature Films

Chocolate City 3 - Dir. Jean Claude Lamarre (DP)
Together - Dir. James Cullen Bressack (2nd AC)
Harvest Season - Dir. Hector Tinoco (Camera Operator)
Blood Runs Thick - Dir. Romane Simon (2nd AC)
A Place Called Hell - Dir. Andrew Merrill (1st AC/2nd Unit DP)

Short Films
Blame the Victim - Dir. Joana Febrache (DP)
307 - Dir. Alejandro Soto (DP)
Boys Night - Tom Connolly (1st AC)
Fall to Earth - Dir. Jordan Nistico (2nd AC)
Andy - Dir. Mikey Murphy (2nd AC)
Deathnote - Prod. Re:Anime (2nd AC)
Naruto Live Action - Prod. Re:Anime (2nd AC)
Tokyo Ghoul - Prod. Re:Anime (2nd AC)
and more.

Music Videos
Don't Go by 7 Less - Dir. Alejandro Soto (DP)
Hold On by Micayla De Ette - Dir. Tarek Tohme (2nd AC)
Altar by Tim Schou - Dir. Jordan Nistico (Camera Operator)
Strangers by Baruch Sanchez - Dir. Alejandro Soto (DP)
The Move by K9 and Eazyly - Dir. Wesley Feng (DP)
Nobody by K9 ft. As If - Dir. Tim Shiiba (DP)
Cypher from the 7 by Various Artists - Dir. Tim Shiiba (DP)
and more.

Amazon Echo Spot by Mikey Murphy (1st AC)
House of Blues Music Forward Foundation (DP)
Sueko Dress (DP)
OlePay Digital Wallet (DP)
Art Will Change The World (DP)
Open Talks Radio Show (DP)
and more.

What Just Happened? (Camera Operator)
BET’s Family Business Season 2 (A-Cam 1st AC)